The fall of Tobruk by Dr James Gray
Date: From 2017-06-15 to 2017-06-15

Time: 9:30 Venue: United Church To many men, now in their seventies, whose fathers were captured in Tobruk in the summer of ’42, the story of what happened on the 20th and 21st June, 1942 is a vague memory. ‘My father never spoke about it”, they frequently tell you. In one devastating stroke, over 12000 South Africans – 33% of South Africa’s fighting forces in North Africa – were overwhelmed by Rommel’s Afrika Korps, captured and led into captivity. The fall of Tobruk was a catastrophe for the Allied cause and an unparalleled military humiliation for South Africa. 75 years on, the story of the fall of Tobruk is deserving of re-telling.   What happened?   Where did it all go so disastrously wrong? Rates: R85 Bookings and more information: