Losing and finding, a Workshop with Jill Trapppler
Date: 2017-06-12

Date:12 June -14 June (3 day Workshop) Time:10:00-(5 Hours) Venue:Windsor Hotel Participants will be encouraged to let go of old habits and experiences and find new ways of expressing themselves through the use of materials and different approaches to making images. This is not a theme-based workshop but rather an experience for each participant to gain access to the subject matter they would like to work with – figurative or nonfigurative. The course is a process-based experience rather than product-focused (although end-products will be discussed and do pop up). The course is open to anyone interested in image-making, with or without previous experience. Further information will be sent to participants. Rates:R1350 Bookings and more information:http://www.hermanusfynarts.co.za/event/losing-and-finding-finding-and-losing-jill-trappler/